Hot springs

Photo: Don Weixl
Nakusp Hot Springs / Photo: Don Weixl

The Nakusp and Arrow Lakes region is known as the Valley of Hot Springs.

Since their discovery, some of these natural hot springs have been developed commercially, while others remain undeveloped, offering an entirely different experience.

Nakusp Hot Springs

The Nakusp Hot Springs are owned and operated by the Village of Nakusp, and located off Highway 23, 14km north east of Nakusp on Hot Springs Road.

The circular-shaped hot springs pool is housed in an amphitheatre-like structure nestled in the mountains above Kuskanax Creek, and is divided into two sections: the large part is filled with warm water, and the smaller part contains hotter water.

There are several hikes that start or end at Nakusp Hot Springs, and most of them cross the award-winning bridge over Kuskanax Creek. Even if you don’t want to go for a hike, it’s worth taking a short stroll to the bridge.

Photo: Don Weixl
Halcyon Hot Springs / Photo: Don Weixl

Halcyon Hot Springs

The natural hot springs found at Halcyon have made this spot overlooking Upper Arrow Lake a popular destination.

Halcyon Hot Springs, Village & Spa features a large warm pool, hot pool, and cold plunge and offers spectacular views of Mt. Odin and Mt. Thor across the lake.

Halfway Hot Springs

The rustic, non-commercialized Halfway Hot Spring is located on the banks of the Halfway River, approximately 25km north of Nakusp, 11km off Highway 23.

A well-worn trail takes you from Halfway Road down to the river, where visitors will find a wooden tub with benches, and a cove where the water has been dammed up by piling rocks.  If the water is too cold, add some more rocks.  If too hot, remove rocks to let the river water in.

Be aware that poison ivy grows in the area, particularly in the meadow beside the wooden tub.

For detailed directions, contact the Visitor Centre.