Trout Lake

Windsor Hotel
Windsor Hotel

Trout Lake is situated on Highway 31, approximately 60 km northeast of Nakusp.

With a permanent population of 56, it serves as a vacation place for many cottagers in the summer. During the winter, those seeking adventure in the snowy mountains such as snowmobiling and cat skiing find this paradise.

Offering a general store, community campground and boat launch, Trout Lake is a great place for those wanting quiet solitude and relaxation. Local fishing is abundant, in the main lake or nearby lakes, Staubert and Armstrong.

The landmark of the community is the restored Windsor Hotel, built in 1895 when Trout Lake was serving the silver-mining boom. The historic Trout Lake store is also a very interesting stop, as it still has working hand-operated gas pumps, which are fed by gravity from the reservoirs above.

Nearby historic sites of Ferguson, Beaton, Comaplix and Cambourne have little remaining of their original buildings, but offer great exploring for the history buff.

History fact: Trout Lake is the only surviving community of the many which sprang up during the silver mining rush in the late 1800’s.