Fauquier Golf Course, photo: Beth McLeod

Needles Ferry, photo: Don Weixl

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

kayaking near Fauquier, Photo: Cedra Eichenauer

The little community of Fauquier, which is pronounced “Folkier,” has a population of 170.

A free cable ferry crosses Lower Arrow Lake here, serving those travelling Highway 6 to and from the Okanagan.

As you drive along Highway 6 between Nakusp and Fauquier, you will notice many osprey nests perched on the tops of the power poles which parallel the highway. The ospreys return to the nests every spring to raise their young and spend the summer and fall feeding on fish from the lake.

The town supports a challenging 9 hole golf course, a convenience store which also serves as a liquor outlet, post office and gas and propane station.

Fauquier also offers a public boat launch and picnic area. Visitors can stay at a small B & B or the campground.

The old Fauquier school now houses a reading center which holds a number of interesting books, a communication center which offers internet service, photo copying and faxing, a program for young children, a yoga class and choir which is called the Glee club.

History fact: Fauquier was created by the flooding of the Arrow Lakes. The community of Needles was moved across the lake to higher ground. This event is commemorated by the twin needles memorial in Fauquier.