photo: Trevor Julier

Burton Historical Park Campground, photo: Trevor Julier

Pomona Cider Mill, photo: Chris Byron

bald eagle, photo: JoAnne Alaric

Pomona's Currant Cider, Photo: Nancy Lowery

Misty Burton, photo: Christine Adshead

Pomona Cider Growlers, photo: Chris Byron

photo: JoAnne Alaric

Burton is a region of diverse and historic culture, immense beauty and spectacular scenery.

This lakeside community, with a population of 115 people, offers a rural lifestyle with connections to the Okanagan via Highway 6, and to the Trans Canada Highway through Nakusp.

Burton offers a community park with sports field, roller rink and playground, a public beach, boat launch and a historic site and campground.

There is also a community centre (formerly the elementary school) with a playground and reading centre, equestrian grounds, churches, cemetery, community hall and seniors’ club.

Enjoy the Farmer’s Market on Sundays and the Fall Fair at the end of August.


In the beginning of 1900 the Hudson’s Bay Company developed the Columbia River to trade with the First Nations for furs. At this time the gold miners also had their camps and boat launching just before the gold rush of Caribou Creek started.

In 1895 Burton City was founded by the Burton brothers.

Between 1865 and 1954 the paddle-wheelers became the main source of supplies and communication.

In 1908 the road was built from Burton to Nakusp, and in the 20’s the Monashee Pass road to Vernon was opened. After the miners began to leave, logging became the driving industry in the valley.