Arrow Park

Hiking the back country
Hiking Saddle Mountain, Photo: Bill Sones

Arrow Park is situated at “The Narrows,” a narrow channel which separates Upper and Lower Arrow Lakes.

Residents on the west shore are a short, free cable ferry ride away from Highway 6 on the east shore. Businesses in Arrow Park include a pottery studio and a resort.

The Arrow Park Ferry serves as one of the region’s links to the abundant outdoor adventure possibilities on the west shore of the Arrow Lakes.

One can travel the multitude of backcountry roads here, with opportunities for fishing in the many smaller lakes in the area, hiking to various ridges and even the Saddle Mountain Fire Lookout, or just camping along the shores of a small lake and enjoying the peacefulness.

During winter some of the roads are kept open to access active logging areas, providing winter enthusiasts with opportunities for snowmobiling, backcountry skiing and snowshoeing.