Tribelle Retreat (Day 1) in Nakusp

July 14, 2019 all-day
Kristi Williamson

Retreat runs July 14-16.

Each Tribelle retreat includes daily yoga classes and unique adventures designed to provide a charismatic and carefree environment.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect during your visit…


Glide through inspiring slow flows, play into dynamic vinyasa practices, and completely unfold in blissful yin classes.

MORNING YOGA: Sweet, slow flow classes are thoughtfully and intentionally sequenced to get you ready for your day and all the adventures we look forward to sharing with you. Many yogis will tell you that morning is the most wonderful time for an asana practice, we don’t want to disagree with those yogis.

NATURE INSPIRED MOVEMENT: When you immerse yourself in nature your body and mind tend to respond favorably and you just never know when you might feel like busting a move! Salute the sun, flip your dog, pop into a handstand, or channel your inner warrior… we’ll just keep the options open for those moments of inspiration and intrigue.

POST ADVENTURE YOGA: After a day of action and adventure what could be nicer than a good stretch? Our evening classes will take place in different locations which are chosen to enhance the particular theme of the class which may be reflective, playful, restorative, or created to your wishes.

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)

Navigate with grace and confidence across the clear blue waters in the most beautiful slice of paradise this side of the equator.

SUP INTRO: Never tried stand up paddle boarding before? No worries! We’ll introduce you to the basics of the sport covering safety instruction, how to get on and off gracefully (you wanted to go for a swim anyhow, right?), and simple SUP strokes that will have you sailing across the water like a pro in no time!

SUP YOGA: Don’t panic and definitely don’t take yourself too seriously (nobody else does)! Find balance and bliss on your board as we flow through a vinyasa sequence to connect your breath and movement with peace and tranquility- sky above and water below, relaxation just took on a whole new meaning.

BAY OF QUIET WATERS: This SUP tour we have planned for you is nothing shy of spectacular. The excursion will begin with a short debrief before we circumnavigate up the scenic shoreline to a special point of interest where we’ll swim, crank some tunes, enjoy a picnic lunch, do a little exploring, perhaps have a bonfire and do yoga on the beach. Then we’ll board our vessels once again for the return trip, stopping as we please to swim at secluded beaches and revel in our picturesque surroundings.


Explore old growth forests, bathe in moss covered landscapes, and saturate yourself in the pure love and gratitude that only nature can provide in so much abundance.

TO THE TOP: Step off the beaten track and meander through the trails towards the sunshine. Sure the paved path may be easier, but flowers don’t grow in pavement. So take your time, smell the flowers, and enjoy yourself and your surroundings.

SHINRIN-YOKU: Wander through the forest and bathe in the stunning landscapes that surround the area of Nakusp and the West Kootenays. We’ll pause in the most enchanting spaces and take some time to embrace and embody nature’s energy. The sounds, the scents, and the play of sunshine through the trees all give us a sense of comfort and help to restore our energy and vitality.

EXPLORE: There are numerous walking and hiking trails within steps of the downtown core that you can safely explore at your own leisure. You’ll be rewarded with birds eye views over the town and peaceful sounds of the wilderness.

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Kristi Williamson
Owner & Founder
Koot’s Roots Yoga