Saving the Peace–Changing the Site C Paradigm Symposium @ Nakusp & Area Sports Complex, Nakusp

March 17, 2018 all-day
Arena Auditorium
200 8th Ave. NW
$10 donation

Saving the Peace

Changing the Site C Paradigm Symposium

is being organized to provide a space and time for people to synergistically formulate alternative solutions to the challenges that we currently face. We are coming together in support of the people, river, land and all beings of the Peace River Valley. We want to bring awareness to the message echoing throughout the entire province to call forth a new context for sustainability.

Together can preserve the earths eco-systems by shifting to alternative eco-friendly energy resources.

We can empower each other to stand for what we value.

We can find alternative solutions that are inclusive of the land, animals and all people

This will be an all day event held in the Nakusp Sports Complex Auditorium. The Opening Ceremony at 9am will start the day, followed by Keynote Speaker, Ken Boon, President of the Peace Valley Landowner Association. Also presenting during the day will be Eileen Delehanty Pearkes, Candace Batycki, Gwen Johansson, Grant Trower, and others.

In the afternoon there will be a panel on alternative energy solutions, followed by breakout action groups. The Closing Ceremony will be at 4.30PM. Celebration with music and dance will follow the dinner break and begin at 7PM.

By standing together for what we value we can create a paradigm that will insure a future that is beneficial for mankind, inclusive of the land, animals and all living things.

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