Rocky Mountain MotoGiro, Nakusp

September 13, 2019 – September 15, 2019 all-day
Jim Kelsall

Rocky Mountain Motogiro 2019

Once again, we invite entries to the 2019 installment of the Rocky Mountain Motogiro,
promoted by the Rocky Mountain Section of the Canadian Vintage  Motorcycle Group. The event comprises of one day of road riding on public roads at legal speed limits and a second day of closed road timed riding. Participants can elect to only run on the first day and would be greatly welcomed as volunteers on the closed road second day.

The event is fashioned after the original Giro Motociclistico d’Italia, an endurance race comprising 3,400 km in 8 legs through mountain roads down the length of the boot. All road racing in Italy was banned in 1957 after an accident in the Mille Miglia race,
spelling an end to the Giro.

The endurance portion of the Rocky Mountain Motogiro will take place over 300 kilometers in four legs, starting in Nakusp B.C., passing down the Arrow and Slocan Lakes to Nelson to lunch and then up the shores of Kootenay Lake and on to Kaslo, returning to Nakusp via the fabulous road between Kaslo and New Denver. Points will be awarded for the ability of the participant to complete each leg without breakdown.

The closed road portion of the event will be held in Nakusp on the Nakusp Hot Springs road, a 10 km mountain road, with significant up hill portions on a challenging road course. The road is only actually closed 10-3 on Sunday with traffic flowing every 20 minutes. In addition to the regular fastest time entries, 2019 will see the addition of a “Constellation Class.” Participants in this class may set pace at which they which they wish to and feel comfortable negotiating the course by picking a time prior to the start of Sunday’s events. Points will be awarded for proximity to the time picked and differences in time in seconds between each of the participants runs. This rewards rider consistency or a “constellation” around a set time with the aim of encouraging participation in the closed road event. Full information is provided in the accompanying Rules and Regulations for 2019.

For the regular fastest time entries, as in past years, riders will be timed with points being awarded in two classes, 125cc and under and 250cc and under. Each heat will consist of four entrants, judged to be of similar speed and started with an “Isle of Man”
style start of 10 seconds between each rider. This is intended to be a competition for
rider and machine against time, and not a race between riders in the heat.

Participation for the closed road event on Sunday is limited to 24 entrants.
Participation for the Saturday ride is unlimited.

Points will also be awarded for the age, swept displacement (cc’s), reliability and in recognition of the original event and the participants of the time, for the origin of the machine.

Points will be awarded and awards given for fit and finish, judged by a participant and public’s most desirable motorcycle choice vote.

A chase vehicle will be following the participants on both days, with a trailer to manage breakdowns on the Saturday. Participants are expected to bring their own tools and supplies as necessary. There is a great deal of camaraderie in helping each other manage the expected ride, break, wrench, repeat cycle but please bring what you need to help manage your motorcycle’s inevitable quirks when stretched at this event.

Eligible bikes are detailed in the Rules and Regulations.

The event is put on by volunteers and this year we would like to encourage participants to strongly consider bringing a volunteer to the event. A successful event on Sunday comes only with some 25 volunteers!

Many thanks for your interest. We look forward to seeing you at the event and to
another safe and successful Rocky Mountain Motogiro 2019.

For more information, contact the information above