CBT Community Initiatives Vote Dates announced

Nakusp and Arrow Lakes votes take place:

Arrow Park: April 13, 3pm, Rock Island Resort

Edgewood: April 16, 6pm, Edgewood Legion/Community Hall

Burton: April 16, 7pm, Burton Community Hall

Fauquier: April 17, 6:30pm, Fauquier Community Hall

Nakusp, Rural Nakusp & Bayview: May 4, noon-4pm, Nakusp & District Sports Complex

A complete list of applying projects for Nakusp/Bayview can be seen here: Nakusp, Bayview projects 2019.  For this vote, the categories are still $10,000 & under, and over $10,000.  This year we will vote for 4 large and 4 small projects.  Complete details here: COLUMBIA BASIN TRUST COMMUNITY INITIATIVES AND AFFECTED AREA FUNDING VOTE

For more information, visit the RDCK website.